For Member Societies
Painting detail courtesy of Claudia Seymour

Member Society Resource Materials

President's Forum Notes from the 2015 IAPS Convention
This pdf document provides notes from the discussion of these topics:
  • How do you manage your Signature Status Program(s)? Point systems, etc.
  • How to keep Signature Members happy and contributing, and how to keep Master Status members engaged?
  • How do you Recruit/Engage and Keep New Members and Volunteers?
  • How do you use online venues to recruit/promote your society?
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How to Start a Pastel Society
Suggested activities toward starting a society and attaining the society's membership in IAPS.

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The Renaissance of Pastel Societies, by Elizabeth Vose Frey
This article appeared in the show catalog for the IAPS 24th Juried Exhibition at the Vose Galleries, Boston, MA, in 2014.

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