IAPS Conventions
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The 2024 IAPS Convention will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 11-16, 2024 with one and two day workshops, artist presentations, demonstrations and educational seminars. The following information is for those who are interested in becoming a presenter at the convention: Please complete the online application below and submit by the deadline of January 10, 2023.

Note that we encourage you to suggest new concepts and ideas for presentations at the convention in addition to the traditional demonstrations we have offered in the past.

Include your current resume and teaching history.

Please be aware that IAPS receives far more requests than can be accommodated. We strive to strike a balance between subjects and styles, which means that many fine artists and teachers may not be included. Past instructors are not guaranteed a repeat spot at the convention.

In addition, the following factors are considered:
  • International name recognition and following. People attending the convention come from all over the world and preference is given to people who will be recognizable to a majority of attendees.

  • Support of IAPS events. It is important that you are aware of the procedures and policies of the IAPS convention. Consideration is given as to whether artists have attended previous conventions, entered IAPS exhibitions, hold IAPS Master Circle status, as well as member society standing.

  • Experience. If you wish to offer a demonstration, workshop, or presentation it is important that you be experienced. Not only do our attendees expect the instructors at the convention to be among the best, it is important that they be professional and able to function independently in preparation of necessary materials for presentation.

After review of your application, if the selection committee invites you to be a presenter, you will receive a contract stating the terms and outlining procedures. Among those terms are payment based on the attendance of your classes (class fees are set by IAPS and not by the instructor). Instructors are responsible for hotel, travel, registration fee, and personal expenses. Once agreed, contracts cannot be cancelled. Further terms and conditions will be outlined in the final contract.

Selections are finalized approximately 15 months prior to the convention.

Questions? Please email Susan Weber at contact@iapspastel.org.


First Name
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We offer a variety of one and two day workshops and 2 and 3 hour sessions for demonstrations and other presentations at the convention. Please indicate your preference, although final assignments will be up to IAPS.
Remember that we encourage you to suggest new concepts and ideas for presentations at the convention in addition to the traditional demonstrations we have offered in the past.
Our program is based on the number/type of rooms available and which artists and subjects we think will be most popular. We want a lot of variety. (Landscape is the most popular subject, so we need a variety of subjects within the landscape topic.) Please write your choice of subject. What is your specialty? What are your ideas for a presentation that will benefit our attendees and be unique?
Please upload: Biographical information (including publications, teaching history, etc.)