2015 IAPS Convention
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Time Session Program Instructor
9am-4pm WS1 The Color of Light Sally Strand
9am-4pm WS2 Deeper, Darker, Richer! Terri Ford
9am-4pm WS3 Contemporary Approach to the Classical Figure Diane Rappisi
9am-4pm WS4 Trees & Rocks in Mixed Media Albert Handell
9am-4pm WS5 Painting a More Expressive Still Life Mike Beeman
9am-4pm WS6 Poetry in the Trees Barbara Jaenicke
9am-4pm WS7 Mastering the Evocative Portrait William Schneider
9am-4pm WS8 The Landscape from Outside In! Aaron Scheurr
1pm-5pm   Registration & Information Desk
5pm-7pm   Pastelworld Opening Awards Reception
8am-6pm   Registration & Information Desk
9am-4pm WS9 The Floral Portrait Lyn Diefenbach
9am-4pm WS10 Painting the Commissioned PortraitLuana Luconi Winner
9am-4pm WS11 Create Interest in Night City Scenes Andrew McDermott
9am-4pm WS12 Animals Con Brio! (Animals with Energy!) Dawn Emerson
9am-3pm   IAPS Society Presidentsí Forum
10am-5pm   Trade Show Opening Day
11:30-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Buffet
1pm-4pm DM101 Playing with Water Fred Somers
1pm-4pm DM102 A Painterís Guide to OrchestrationRichard McKinley
1pm-4pm DM103 What Lies BeneathJeanne Rosier Smith
5pm-6pm   Paint Around
6pm-8:30pm   Welcome Reception - Cash Bar
6:30pm-8:30pm   Welcome Buffet Dinner
8am-5pm   Registration & Information Desk
8am-9am   Continental Breakfast
9am-5pm   Trade Show
9am-4pm WS13 So you Want to Try Abstract? Debora Stewart
9am-4pm WS14 Pastels UncoveredTony Allain
9am-12noon DM201 Design Principles for Landscapes Robert Carsten
9am-12noon DM202 Creating Distance in the Landscape Lorenzo Chavez
9am-12noon DM203 A Rainy Day in ParisAlan Flattmann
9am-12noon DM204 The Dynamic Horse Dawn Emerson
9am-12noon SM1An Artistís Guide to Blogging Karen Margulis
10am-12noon CQ1 Share your work with Anne Hevener/Jamie MarkleHevener/Markle
11:30-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Buffet
1pm-4pm DM205The Liberated Portrait William Schneider
1pm-4pm DM206Coastal Scenes Andrew McDermott
1pm-4pm DM207Making Marks that MatterFred Somers
1pm-4pm DM208From Field Study to Studio PastelAaron Scheurr
1pm-4pm SM2Get your Work Out There!Julia Patterson
8am-5pm   Registration & Information Desk
8am-9am   Continental Breakfast
9am-5pm   Trade Show (last day)
9am-4pm WS15 Underpainting: Get it Right from the Start Colette Odya Smith
9am-4pm WS16 Making Waves in PastelJeanne Rosier Smith
9am-12noon DM301Taking the Landscape to New Territory Marla Baggetta
9am-12noon DM302Try your Hand at Abstract Painting! Debora Stewart
9am-12noon DM303Color Harmony in the LandscapeBarbara Jaenicke
9am-12noon DM304Sculpting the Sky Liz Haywood-Sullivan
9am-12noon SM3The Business of Portrait Commissions Luana Luconi Winner
10am-12noon CQ2Share your work with Anne Hevener/Jamie MarkleHevener/Markle
11:30-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Buffet
1pm-4pm DM305Pastels were Meant for Painting Weather Stan Sperlak
1pm-4pm DM306Attacking the Still Life with a Painterly Style Mike Beeman
1pm-4pm DM307The Painterly Childrenís Portrait Alain Picard
1pm-4pm DM308My Side of the EaselTony Allain
1pm-4pm DM309Wildflowers in the LandscapeKaren Margulis
6:30-7:30pm   Pre-Banquet Reception - cash bar
7:30-10pm   Optional Banquet
8am-4pm   Registration & Information Desk
8am-9am   Continental Breakfast
9am-4pm WS17Painting Rainy Day & Night Scenes Alan Flattmann
9am-4pm WS18The Freedom of Abstract LandscapeRobert Carsten
9am-4pm WS19Pastel Underpainting Freedom Richard McKinley
9am-4pm WS20Painting Skin Tones Alain Picard
9am-4pm WS21Painting the Grandeur of the SkyStan Sperlak
9am-4pm WS22Loosen Up and Break Through! Marla Baggetta
9am-4pm WS23Using Intuitive Color Jean Hirons
9am-4pm WS24Mastering Landscape CompositionLorenzo Chavez
11:30-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Buffet
4pm  IAPS Convention Closes

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