2015 IAPS Convention
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2015 President's Forum
Our membership is made up of Member Societies, not individual artists. The IAPS Convention offers the perfect opportunity to gather the leadership of these pastel societies and provide not only support in the form of presentations of relevant topics but also allow these leaders to meet and share their experiences with each other. What started out a few conventions ago as a simple panel discussion has now become a major portion of our convention, and of critical importance to our member societies' executives.

The President's Forum will take place on Thursday June 4 and will run from 9:00am to 3:00pm. The President of Pastel Artists Canada, Ruth Rodgers, will moderate a series of presentations on topics relating to managing thriving pastel societies. In addition there will be plenty of time to meet and greet other society executives and share information.

Luncheon and IAPS Elections

To allow attendees to continue networking, IAPS will provide a luncheon so that you do not need to leave the room. During this lunch the IAPS Executive Committee will conduct the Biennial Board Elections as required by the IAPS By-Laws. Notifications of these elections will be sent to the society presidents earlier in 2015. Previously this event was the Friday Night President's Dinner, which is now becomes part of Thursday's President's Forum, freeing up Friday night for our attendees.

Thursday Schedule

The President's Forum is a full day of events, which means that attendees will not be able to take any other convention workshops or demos. Mindful of this we have adjusted our schedule so that attendees will still be able to attend the one and two day workshops on Tuesday/Wednesday. Additionally, almost every Thursday instructor has an offering on another day. We will finish at 3:00pm, well in advance of the popular Paint Around which precedes our Welcome Buffet Dinner.

Who Should Attend?

We strongly encourage Society Presidents and/or their representatives to attend this supportive and educational offering. It only happens once every two years! Society Presidents or a representative of their society can attend for free. This includes the luncheon. If you wish to bring additional members of your society you will be limited as to the number and they will need to pay for their meal. IAPS will require an RSVP for this event.

How Do You Sign Up?

When the program is complete we will contact our Member Societies with additional information, including how to sign up for this event.

IAPS Website

For those unable to attend Thursday's President's Forum, the new IAPS website will post the contents of the discussions so you will be able to benefit from the information shared.

SAVE THE DATE! We hope to see you there!

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