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Instructor Information

Tony Allain

Tony Allain PSA, MPANZ

My Side of the Easel (DM308)
Pastels Uncovered (WS14)

Award winning painter Tony Allain is a Signature Member of PSA, and a Distinguished Member of the Pastel Artists of New Zealand. He is an impressionist pastel painter of light, color and movement, with a complete understanding of his surroundings. "I am not interested in pure representation; my work is about responses to the moods and atmospheres generated by the world I see."


Marla Baggetta

Marla Baggetta PSA, IAPS/MC

Taking the Landscape to New Territory (DM301)
Loosen Up and Break Through! (WS22)

A prolific painter and teacher, Marla's artwork and workshops have been nationally sought after and represented throughout the country for over 30 years. Contributing to many art publications such as Pastel Journal, she is a signature PSA member and an IAPS Master Circle. Professionally, Marla is well-known for her 100 Variation Series.


Mike Beeman

Mike Beeman PSA, IAPS/MC

Attacking the Still Life with a Painterly Style (DM306)
Painting a More Expressive Still Life (WS05)

Mike has 30 years of teaching experience and conducts workshops throughout the US. His work has been selected in Pastel Journal's top 100 competitions (2013 Silver Award for still life) and the Richeson 75. He is a signature member of PSA, PSC, PSNR and a member of the IAPS Master Circle.


Robert Carsten

Robert Carsten PSA-M, IAPS/MC, CPS

Design Principles for Landscapes (DM201)
The Freedom of Abstract Landscape (WS18)

Robert is a master pastelist in the Pastel Society of America, and member of the Master IAPS Circle. A contributing writer to Pastel Journal and The Artist's Magazine, workshop instructor and juror for national exhibitions, his paintings are shown worldwide and have been featured in Pure Color/The Best of Pastel, Pastel Journal, The Artist's Magazine, and more.


Lorenzo Chavez

Lorenzo Chavez

Creating Distance in the Landscape (DM202)
Mastering Landscape Composition (WS24)

Lorenzo finds inspiration in the intoxicating, open spaces of the American West. Raised in New Mexico, he now resides in Colorado. He participates in prestigious exhibitions and his suggestive renderings and fluent technique have earned him numerous awards and many devoted collectors throughout the United States. He is considered by many to be the west's premier pastel painter. Lorenzo juries pastel exhibitions and teaches workshops across the country.


Lyn Diefenbach

Lyn Diefenbach IAPS/MC

The Floral Portrait (WS09)

The pursuit of masterly quality and technique is a high priority for Lyn Diefenbach; her paintings cover a myriad of subject matter with her bold florals consistently receiving accolades. She is a respected and sought-after tutor, with teaching engagements internationally and across Australia. Lyn holds Master Pastelist status with the Pastel Society of Australia and has been featured in Pastel Journal and International Artist magazines.


Dawn Emerson

Dawn Emerson PSA, PSWC

The Dynamic Horse (DM204)
Animals Con Brio! (Animals with Energy!) (WS12)

The immediacy of pastel is perfect for this intuitive artist who prefers to respond to, rather than plan, her paintings. A seasoned and engaging instructor, she easily shares her knowledge and love of drawing and painting with her students, whatever level. Her subjects vary widely, but her connection with animals is most heartfelt.


Alan Flattmann

Alan Flattmann PSA H-F, IAPS M/C

A Rainy Day in Paris (DM203)
Painting Rainy Day and Night Scenes (WS17)

Alan Flattmann is a PSA Hall of Fame Honoree and member of the IAPS Masters Circle. Four books have been published about his work, the latest; An Artist's Vision of New Orleans: The Paintings of Alan Flattmann. His paintings are in the collections of major art museums and corporations.


Terri Ford

Terri Ford PSA-MP, IAPS/EP

Deeper, Darker, Richer! (WS02)

An IAPS Eminent Pastelist & PSA Master Pastelist, Terri's works have received many awards and have been published in numerous National and International publications. "I am continually inspired by the wonderful nature of pastels. I feel I have barely scratched the surface of their potential."


Albert Handell

Albert Handell PSA-HF

Trees & Rocks in Mixed Media (WS04)

Albert Handell is a consistent judge and/or juror for countless annual national invitationals and regional painting exhibitions. He has a variety of unique teaching programs including PLEIN AIR PAINTING WORKSHOPS and his advanced personalized PAINT-A-LONG MENTORING PROGRAMS, where aspiring artists paint with Albert at his favorite painting locations.


Liz Haywood-Sullivan

Liz Haywood-Sullivan PSA, IAPS/MC

Sculpting the Sky (DM304)

Liz is a traditional representational artist specializing in pastel landscapes. She is President of IAPS and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Pastel Journal. She holds Signature Memberships in PSA, the Connecticut Pastel Society, and the Pastel Painter's Society of Cape Cod. She has earned membership in the Academic Artists Association and the Salmagundi Club. Her award-winning paintings are included in private and corporate collections worldwide.


Anne Hevener

Anne Hevener

Share your Work with Anne Hevener and Jamie Markle (CQ1)
Share your Work with Anne Hevener and Jamie Markle (CQ2)

Anne has been a publishing professional for more than 20 years and the editor of F+W Media's Pastel Journal since 2006, for which she has interviewed and written about many of today's top pastel artists. In recognition of her contributions, the Pastel Society of America presented Anne with the Friend of Pastel Award in 2012. She is currently serving on the IAPS Board of Directors.


Jean Hirons

Jean Hirons PSA, IAPS/MC

Using Intuitive Color (WS23)

Jean Hirons, PSA, has been painting exclusively in pastel for over twenty years. In 2012, she published Finding Your Style in Pastel, and maintains a popular blog, Finding My Style. Her work has been featured in Pastel Journal, Pastelagram, and Southwest Art.


Barbara Jaenicke

Barbara Jaenicke PSA, IAPS/MC

Color Harmony in the Landscape (DM303)
Poetry in the Trees (WS06)

Barbara challenges herself to paint feelings, moods and experiences that go beyond just paintings of "things." Leaving the world of advertising and marketing in 2002, she now paints and teaches full time. Barbara is a Signature Member of PSA, an IAPS Master Circle member, and has had work featured multiple times in the Pastel Journal.


Karen Margulis

Karen Margulis IAPS/MC

Wildflowers in the Landscape (DM309)
An Artist's Guide to Blogging (SM1)

Karen is an IAPS Master Circle member and a Signature Member of PSA. Her wildflower paintings have received recognition in many exhibitions including PSA and IAPS where her wildflower painting won the 2011 poster competition. Her work has also been featured in Pastel Journal. Karen is a Daily Painter and art blogger. She teaches workshops and classes and shares her instruction on her daily blog.


Jamie Markle

Jamie Markle

Share your Work with Anne Hevener and Jamie Markle (CQ1)
Share your Work with Anne Hevener and Jamie Markle (CQ2)

As Group Publisher of F+W Media's Fine Art community, Jamie oversees the development of the various fine art properties, including magazines, books, videos and websites. He was the recipient of the IAPS "Golden Mentor" award in 2011. As a fine artist, Jamie has worked in a variety of media, including pastel, acrylic, watercolor, oil and collage.


Andrew McDermott

Andrew McDermott SFCA, PSC, IAPS/MC

Coastal Scenes (DM206)
Create Interest in Night City Scenes (WS11)

Andrew was born in England and moved to Canada at a young age. He refined his own unique style winning top awards in Canada and the US. He has many published articles, including The Artist magazine 25 under 40, and full feature articles in International Artist, The Artist UK, Magazin'art, and Pastel Journal. Andrew is President of the Federation of Canadian Artists and teaches at Langara College in Vancouver.


Richard McKinley

Richard McKinley PSA-HF, PSWC-PL

A Painter's Guide to Orchestration (DM102)
Pastel Underpainting Freedom (WS19)

Richard McKinley has over 40 years of teaching experience, is a PSA Hall of Fame inductee, a PSWC Pastel Laureate and Distinguished Pastelist, and honorary member of DPS. He has been featured in numerous national / international art publications, a frequent contributing editor to Pastel Journal, and author of Pastel Pointers, Top Secrets for Beautiful Pastel Paintings.


Julia Patterson

Julia Patterson

Get your Work Out There! (SM2)

As an Arizona resident for 30 years, Julia's sensibilities are grounded in the American Southwest. The textural attributes of sanded paper and pastels lend themselves to the arid magic of the desert and boundless sky. A long-time graphic designer for artists as well, Julia shares her expert advice on the best avenues to promote yourself efficiently, enjoyably and at little cost in the world of blogs, websites and social media.


Alain Picard

Alain Picard PSA, CPS

The Painterly Children's Portrait (DM307)
Painting Skin Tones (WS20)

A love of light and beauty are immediately apparent in Alain's pastel and oil paintings. Picard cites Sargent, Degas, and Sorolla among his influences. A frequent workshop instructor, Alain recently demonstrated at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Arts Club. His work has been featured in numerous instructional books, magazines, and videos.


Diane Rappisi

Diane Rappisi PSA

Contemporary Approach to the Classical Figure (WS03)

Diane Rappisi is the founder and instructor at "The Atelier at Castle Rock," an art studio/school in Colorado. She is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, has won numerous awards and exhibited in national and international exhibitions. Diane trained under the direction of Nelson Shanks at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia, PA.


Aaron Scheurr

Aaron Scheurr

From Field Study to Studio Pastel (DM208)
The Landscape from Outside In! (WS08)

Aaron Schuerr has been featured in Pastel Journal, Southwest Art, and Plein Air Magazine. He is represented by Legacy Gallery, The Mission Gallery, and Highlands Art Gallery. Sought after as a workshop instructor, and teaching in the U.S. and abroad, Aaron has participated in numerous plein air festivals.


William Schneider

William Schneider AISM, OPA, PSA, IAPS/MC

The Liberated Portrait (DM205)
Mastering the Evocative Portrait (WS07)

William has been featured in most major art magazines, several books, and four instructional DVDs. His blend of traditional realism and impressionism has received awards in exhibitions including those of OPA, Pastel Society of America, and The Portrait Society of America. Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla, and Fechin are influences.


Colette Odya Smith

Colette Odya Smith PSA, IAPS/MC

Underpainting: Get It Right from the Start (WS15)

In her 20 year love affair with pastels, Colette has exhibited widely, won numerous awards and recognitions including Masters Circle IAPS, signature member PSA and Distinguished Pastelist PSNM. Her work has been shared in galleries, museums, magazines, newspapers and publications. She brings her teaching background to her workshops, critiques, writing and jurying/judging.


Jeanne Rosier Smith

Jeanne Rosier Smith PSA, CPS, PPSCC

What Lies Beneath (DM103)
Making Waves in Pastel (WS16)

Jeanne Rosier Smith, PSA, teaches workshops nationally, and has garnered top awards, including the 2012 IAPS Prix de Pastel. She placed among Pastel Journal's Pastel 100 in the 2013 and 2014 landscape competitions, and her work has been featured in Pastel Journal, International Artist, and American Art Collector.


Fred Somers

Fred Somers PSA, IAPS/MC + EP

Playing with Water (DM101)
Making Marks that Matter (DM207)

Minnesota pastelist whose work is described as "explosions of light and color' Fred Somers' career includes teaching college art and international workshops. He was named an IAPS Eminent Pastelist in 2013. His pastels and oils have received over 50 awards, are included in more than a dozen publications, featured on public television and are included in over 400 public and private collections. Fred lives and works at his farm-home studio & gallery in Northfield, Minnesota.


Stan Sperlak

Stan Sperlak PSA, MPS

Pastels Were Meant for Painting Weather (DM305)
Painting the Grandeur of the Sky (WS21)

Stan is known for his dramatic landscape paintings of sea, marshes and sky. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and maintains a teaching studio on the Crow Creek in Goshen, NJ. He is a signature member of PSA, the Maryland Pastel Society, and served on the board of The Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters. He has taught students his quick rendering style from Australia to Iceland, and all over Europe and the US.


Debora Stewart

Debora Stewart PSA

Try Your Hand at Abstract Painting! (DM302)
So You Want to Try Abstract? (WS13)

Debora L. Stewart is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America. She is represented by several national galleries. The artist creates abstractions in both pastel and acrylic. She teaches workshops in abstraction around the U.S. and Canada. Northlight Books will publish her new book on abstraction in 2015.


Sally Strand

Sally Strand PSA HF, IAPS/MC

The Color of Light (WS01)

Sally Strand was inducted into the PSA Hall of Fame and holds the PSA Master Pastelist distinction, and IAPS Master Circle Honor. Solo exhibitions include a retrospective at the Bakersfield Museum of Art, and her work is included in the Butler Museum of American Art permanent collection. She earned an MFA degree from the Laguna College of Art and Design. Sally teaches workshops and master classes around the country and internationally.


Luana Luconi Winner

Luana Luconi Winner IAPS/MC

The Business of Portrait Commissions (SM3)
Painting the Commissioned Portrait (WS10)

Luana Luconi Winner, author, instructor, recipient of national and international awards, is a founding member of and N.C. Ambassador of the Portrait Society of America, and President of the Pastel Society of N.C. Luana was schooled in Rome, Florence, Switzerland, and the USA. Her portraits and paintings are in permanent collections of corporations, universities, hospitals, and residences on both sides of the ocean.


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