FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Whatís included in the registration fee?

Click here for the list of included items.

Iím not a member of an IAPS member society, can I still attend?

Yes, but people who are not members of a member society pay an increased registration fee. Class fees are the same.

Can my spouse attend the convention if he/she doesnít want to take classes?

Yes. Spouses pay a lower registration fee but still receive a ticket to the Welcome Buffet on Thursday and can participate in other included activites except for attending classes. If you are registering online, spouses must register separately.

How do I cancel a class I signed up for if I change my mind?

Click here for cancellation information.

Do I have to register to take just one class?

Yes. All classes require registration and a ticket for admission.

Can I register online for a friend at the same time Iím registering for myself?

No, each person must register online separately.

How do I know if my online registration went through successfully?

If you completed the process, you'll receive an email receipt from PayPal. Within a couple of weeks, you'll receive an email from Susan Webster. Finally, you'll see the charge on your next credit card bill. If these things don't happen, your registration was probably not completed and you should contact Susan Webster by email (please put IAPS in the subject line).

How do I get the special hotel rate?

You can reserve your room at Hotel Albuquerque by calling the hotel at 505-843-6300 or toll-free at 866-505-7829. To obtain the special rate you must ask to be placed with Block Code GRPY78, or within the IAPS 2013 block of rooms. Or you mayuse this link to the hotelís website. After May 10, 2013, the special rate will no longer be available. For more information, and for information about our overflow hotel, the Best Western, click here.

How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

Transportation information can be found here.

What will the weather be like?

Weather and other local information can be found here.

Why is the convention in New Mexico again, and not on the east coast?

Many factors are involved in the selection of a location for the convention, including the size of the hotel and the available convention facilities, the possibility of special rates for convention attendees, the cost of airfare to and from the host city, and the cost of bringing materials to the convention for vendors. Although many other wonderful locations exist our research has determined that they do not meet our criteria. In many cases, changing the venue to one of those cities would double or triple the cost of the convention for attendees, significantly increase hotel room costs, and increase costs for vendors to the point that products for sale would have to be priced much higher, and could possibly prevent some vendors from attending. We try to strike a balance between all these factors. Historically, our highest attendance and best costs to participants has been in Albuquerque.